Tyler Richmond

Isabelle Richmond

– Management & Owner

Isabelle Richmond has a degree in Business Marketing, Diploma in Nutrition Coaching and is an enthusiastic CrossFitter. At CrossFit Pegasus she heads up general management in various areas.

After many years of training in a gym, she was finding regular fitness too boring. Through her husband, Tyler Richmond, she then discovered CrossFit. Initially critical towards this sport, which was relatively new in Switzerland a few years ago, she then began to see and enjoy the results that the training provided.

With this passion for CrossFit, Tyler and Isabelle set up the company Pegasus Sports GmbH in 2013 and opened a facility up in 2014, CrossFit Pegasus in Reinach.

Isabelle likes the variation that exists in CrossFit. She has achieved results and a level of fitness that she would have previously never have expected or thought possible.  The group training sessions motivate her to pursue personal excellence.

Isabelle is extremely passionate for the athletes at CrossFit Pegasus and their needs and goals are always a priority for her.


Mr. & Mrs. Richmond

Both entrepreneurs and spouses complement each other by having between the two of them, expertise in business and great knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Together they make a very efficient team.