Tyler Richmond

Sandra Hinni

-Administration & Customer Service

Sandra joined CrossFit Pegasus shortly after it opened in 2014 and has since then has been an enthusiastic CrossFiter. After traveling in spring 2016 she was given the opportunity be a part of the team in the role of administrator.

Sandra has always participated in sports since childhood. From athletics to equestrian and even tap dancing until she finally visited a fitness center. But this it was not enough. Her biggest challenge and passion she found only when she got to CrossFit Pegasus.  The combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance has changed her body.

As a trained herbalist, she likes to tailor the atmosphere to the needs of people. It is important to her that all athletes feel comfortable in our box.

Sandra is a proud member at CrossFit Pegasus and a great example of consistent effort for everyone in the box.