Fun fitness training within a fantastic community...

We welcome all levels and abilities to join us in building your fitness and reaching your full potential. Whatever your age, athletic ability or goal, our programming and environment is inclusive and scaled to your level.  You will always be supported in your CrossFit training and encouraged on your fitness journey.

The Darkhorse Throwdown 2017


2017 Swiss Team CHallenge



August 2017 Highlights


Castle Classic WOD


CrossFit Open 17.1


Darkhorse Throwdown 2016 Event 1


Weightlifting Meet


Matt Fraser Burpees


2016 Darkhorse Throwdown Promo


Air Squats


Swiss Team CHallenge 2016

CrossFit Open 17.5


CrossFit Open 17.2


Darkhorse Throwdown 2016 Event 2


Janine Koch Powerlifting


Burpee Challenge




Front Squats


Darkhorse Throwdown 2014

CrossFit Open 17.4


CrossFit Open 17.3


Darkhorse Throwdown 2016 Event 3


Pegasus Barbell Club


Doctors and Snatches




 Overhead Squats


Swiss Team CHallenge 2015